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Marilyn D. Alcorn was born August 19, 1955, in San Francisco, California, where she first began writing as a young child. At the age of ten, she wrote and illustrated her first story. She completed a full script for television at the age of fourteen.

An honors graduate from the University of the Pacific, she completed a research internship for essayist with the California Governor’s Office in 1975.

Presently, Marilyn is a retired teacher of English/Language Arts. Her first novel, Adrian’s Revenge, is an inspired work to lift up the Living God; the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

Marilyn’s copyrighted and published materials include U-Turn to Paradise, a spiritually charged, Bible-centered chronicle of testimonials.

A “how to get to heaven” self-help book is revealed within its pages through the timeless stories of faith.

She uses the retelling of testimonials to showcase how one living in today’s generation can follow the narrow path in the way that Jesus of Nazareth went to return to Paradise. Revelation 2:7. Her other works include a 2005 screenplay titled The Heralding, a Gospel play written as a tribute to the goodness of God.

Marilyn lives in Stockton, California, with her son, Maud; his dog, Zeus; and her friends Teri and Rick.

Her upcoming works include: Adrian’s Revenge: Parts II and III, The dEVIL Tries Again, and Showdown with the dEvil!

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